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Ignition delay times of DME/air-mixtures diluted with steam


Shockless Explosion Combustion (SEC) is a novel concept to implement constant-volume-combustion in order to achieve an efficiency increase compared to conventional gas turbines. SEC is based on quasi-homogeneous auto-ignition of the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber. Therefore, the SEC-process is very sensitive to small perturbations, e.g. in temperature or mixture composition. Dilution of the fuel/air-mixture with steam or exhaust gas are promising strategies to decrease the sensitivity of the process to perturbations[1]. However, dilution causes an increase in ignition delay time, which again influences the SEC-process. Current reaction mechanisms are not validated for mixture diluted with steam or exhaust gas. Therefore, ignition delay times of DME/air mixtures diluted with steam are measured in the scope of this thesis in a shock tube and compared to predictions of common reaction mechanisms.


  • Literature review.
  • Measurement of ignition delay times of DME/air with steam addition in a shock tube.
  • Post-processing of measurement data.
  • Comparison of measurement data to prediction by reaction mechanisms.


  • Knowledge in combustion.
  • Experimental experience is preferable.
  • Knowledge of kinetic software is preferable.

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Contact details: Lisa Zander

[1] Lisa Zander, Giordana Tornow, Rupert Klein, Neda Djordjevic: Knock control in Shockless Explosion Combustion by extension of excitation time. AFCC 2018

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