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Völzke, F. E., Yücel, F. C., Gray, J. A. T., Hanraths, N., Paschereit, C. O. and Moeck, J. P. (2019). The Influence of the Initial Temperature on DDT Characteristics in a Valveless PDC. , 185–196.

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Djordjevic, N., Rekus, M., Vinkeloe, J. and Zander, L. (2019). Shock Tube and Kinetic Study on the Effects of CO2 on Dimethyl Ether Autoignition at High Pressures. Energy & Fuels, 10197-10208.

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Rekus, M., Zander, L., Vinkeloe, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2019). Influence of CO2 dilution on shock tube ignition delay times of dimethyl ether/air mixtures at high pressures. 9th European Combustion Meeting 14-17 April 2019, Lisboa, Portugal

Coulmann, O., Bohon, M. D., Vinkeloe, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2019). A novel approach for nitrogen flux accounting of NOx formation pathways in 1D flames. 9th European Combustion Meeting 14-17 April 2019, Lisboa, Portugal

Zander, L., Tornow, G., Klein, R. and Djordjevic, N. (2019). Knock Control in Shockless Explosion Combustion by Extension of Excitation Time. Active Flow and Combustion Control 2018. Springer International Publishing, 151–166.


Hanraths, N., Tolkmitt, F., Berndt, P. and Djordjevic, N. (2018). Numerical Study on NO x Reduction in Pulse Detonation Combustion by Using Steam Injection Decoupled From Detonation Development. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 121008.

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Djordjevic, N., Hanraths, N., Gray, J., Berndt, P. and Moeck, J. (2017). Numerical Study on the Reduction of NOx Emissions From Pulse Detonation Combustion. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power

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Hanraths, N., Gray, J., Berndt, P., Moeck, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2017). Numerical study on the effectiveness of common NOx reduction measures when applied to pulse detonation combustion. First International Constant Volume and Detonation Combustion Workshop

Oddos, R., Lhuillier, C., Zander, L., Habisreuther, P., Zarzalis, N. and Djordjevic, N. (2017). Experimental and Numerical Study on Diluted Laminar Hydrogen-Enriched Premixed Methane/Air Flames. European Combustion Meeting

Zander, L., Tanneberger, T., Peukert, J. and Mensah, G. (2017). The implementation of WikL - an educational wiki supporting collaborative learning in engineering university courses. Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo 2017


Kolb, T., Aigner, M., Kneer, R., Müller, M., Weber, R. and Djordjevic, N. (2016). Tackling the challenges in modelling entrained-flow gasification of low-grade feedstock. Journal of the Energy Institute, 485–503.

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Stoesser, P., Ruf, J., Gupta, R., Djordjevic, N. and Kolb, T. (2016). Contribution to the Understanding of Secondary Pyrolysis of Biomass-Based Slurry under Entrained-Flow Gasification Conditions. Energy & Fuels, 6448–6457.

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Zander, L., Berndt, P., Klein, R., Paschereit, C. O. and Djordjevic, N. (2016). Optimization of Combustible Mixtures for Shockless Explosion Combustion. ASME Turbo Expo 2016, Poster.

Scarpato, A., Zander, L., Kulkarni, R. and Schuermans, B. (2016). Identification of multi-parameter flame transfer function for a reheat combustor. ASME Turbo Expo 2016

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