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TU Berlin

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Lisa Zander

Contact details

Room HF-102
Phone: +49 30 314-23866
Office hours: on request

Research topic

Dissertation subject: Optimization of combustible mixtures for Shockless Explosion Combustion based on shock tube investigations


since 10/2015 Reasearch and teaching assistant at Chair of Combustion Kinetics

04/2012 - 11/2015 Master of Science in Engineering Science, Technische Universität Berlin

09/2012 - 05/2013 Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

10/2009 - 08/2012 Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science, Technische Universität Berlin


Zander, L., Vinkeloe, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2021). Ignition delay and chemical–kinetic modeling of undiluted mixtures in a high-pressure shock tube: Nonideal effects and comparative uncertainty analysis. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 611-637.

Djordjevic, N., Rekus, M., Vinkeloe, J. and Zander, L. (2019). Shock Tube and Kinetic Study on the Effects of CO2 on Dimethyl Ether Autoignition at High Pressures. Energy & Fuels, 10197-10208.

Vinkeloe, J., Zander, L., Szeponik, M. and Djordjevic, N. (2020). Tailoring the Temperature Sensitivity of Ignition Delay Times in Hot Spots Using Fuel Blends of Dimethyl Ether, Methane, and Hydrogen. Energy & Fuels, 2246–2259.

Oddos, R., Lhuillier, C., Zander, L., Habisreuther, P., Zarzalis, N. and Djordjevic, N. (2017). Experimental and Numerical Study on Diluted Laminar Hydrogen-Enriched Premixed Methane/Air Flames. European Combustion Meeting

Zander, L., Berndt, P., Klein, R., Paschereit, C. O. and Djordjevic, N. (2016). Optimization of Combustible Mixtures for Shockless Explosion Combustion. ASME Turbo Expo 2016, Poster.

Rekus, M., Zander, L., Vinkeloe, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2019). Influence of CO2 dilution on shock tube ignition delay times of dimethyl ether/air mixtures at high pressures. 9th European Combustion Meeting 14-17 April 2019, Lisboa, Portugal

Vinkeloe, J., Altenbuchner, A. M., Zander, L. and Djordjevic, N. (2021). Tailoring the temperature sensitivity of ignition delay times for Shockless Explosion Combustion (SEC) application by blending dimethyl ether and dimethoxymethane. 10th European Combustion Meeting 14-15 April 2021, Napoli, Italy

Zander, L., Schaposchnikow, V., Vinkeloe, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2021). Suppression of hotspot-induced detonation development by steam dilution of dimethyl ether-air mixtures. European Combustion meeting

Scarpato, A., Zander, L., Kulkarni, R. and Schuermans, B. (2016). Identification of multi-parameter flame transfer function for a reheat combustor. ASME Turbo Expo 2016

Zander, L., Tanneberger, T., Peukert, J. and Mensah, G. (2017). The implementation of WikL - an educational wiki supporting collaborative learning in engineering university courses. Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo 2017

Zander, L., Tornow, G., Klein, R. and Djordjevic, N. (2019). Knock Control in Shockless Explosion Combustion by Extension of Excitation Time. Active Flow and Combustion Control 2018. Springer International Publishing, 151–166.

Zander, L., Vinkeloe, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2022). Control of Auto-Ignitive Wave Propagation Modes from Hot Spots by Mixture Tailoring in Shockless Explosion Combustion. Active Flow and Combustion Control 2021. Springer International Publishing, 16–34.

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