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Niclas Garan
Born in Bremen

2009 - 2013: Bachelor in Engineering Science at TU Berlin, focus on thermodynamics
Thesis: "Parameterstudie zur Emission bei der Simulation einer 1D-Pulsdetonationsbrennkammer mit Wasserstoff-Luft-Gemisch"

2013 - 2016: Master in Engineering Science at TU Berlin, focus on fluid dynamics und technical acoustics
Thesis: "Numerical simulation of the acoustic response resulting from the periodic injection of fluid into a subsonic nozzle"

since 2016: Ph. D. student at the Chair of Combustion Kinetics
Project: "Reduction of NOx emissions from pulse detonation combustion "


Klopsch, R., Garan, N., Bohon, M. D., Bach, E., Asli, M. and Stathopoulos, P. (2022). 2D Euler Modeling of Rotating Detonation Combustion in Preparation for Turbomachinery Matching. AIAA Sci. Technol. Forum Expo. AIAA SciTech Forum 2022

Asli, M., Garan, N., Neumann, N. and Stathopoulos, P. (2021). A robust one-dimensional approach for the performance evaluation of turbines driven by pulsed detonation combustion. Energy Conversion and Management, 114784.

Link to publication

Garan, N., Habicht, F., Paschereit, C. O. and Djordjevic, N. (2021). Stratified fuel injection as a measure for NOx mitigation in pulse detonation combustion. European Combustion Meeting 2021

Hanraths, N., Bohon, M. D., Paschereit, C. O. and Djordjevic, N. (2021). Unsteady Effects on NOx Measurements in Pulse Detonation Combustion. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion

Link to original publication

Neumann, N., Asli, M., Garan, N., Peitsch, D. and Stathopoulos, P. (2021). A fast approach for unsteady compressor performance simulation under boundary condition caused by pressure gain combustion. Applied Thermal Engineering. Elsevier Ltd, 117223.

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Hanraths, N. and Djordjevic, N. (2019). NOx-Emissionen bei Pulsierender Detonationsverbrennung. 29. Deutscher Flammentag

Hanraths, N., Bohon, M. D., Paschereit, C. O. and Djordjevic, N. (2019). Gas Sampling Techniques for NO x emissions in Pulse Detonation Combustion. AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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Völzke, F. E., Yücel, F. C., Gray, J. A. T., Hanraths, N., Paschereit, C. O. and Moeck, J. P. (2019). The Influence of the Initial Temperature on DDT Characteristics in a Valveless PDC. , 185–196.

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Hanraths, N., Tolkmitt, F., Berndt, P. and Djordjevic, N. (2018). Numerical Study on NO x Reduction in Pulse Detonation Combustion by Using Steam Injection Decoupled From Detonation Development. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 121008.

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Djordjevic, N., Hanraths, N., Gray, J., Berndt, P. and Moeck, J. (2017). Numerical Study on the Reduction of NOx Emissions From Pulse Detonation Combustion. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power

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Niether, S., Hanraths, N., Paschereit, C. O., Panek, L. and Moeck, J. P. (2017). Acoustic Combustor Forcing by Unsteady Air Injection Into a Nozzle With High Subsonic Mean Flow. Volume 4B: Combustion, Fuels and Emissions. ASME, V04BT04A032.

Link to publication

Hanraths, N., Gray, J., Berndt, P., Moeck, J. and Djordjevic, N. (2017). Numerical study on the effectiveness of common NOx reduction measures when applied to pulse detonation combustion. First International Constant Volume and Detonation Combustion Workshop

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Room HF-101
Phone: +49 30 314-28802
Office hours: on request

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